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MY Philosophy

Our Process

Our process for building your custom home is just that, custom, completely tailored to your personal style. Our goal is to help and to offer our expertise, no matter what stage of the process you are in, even if it’s just the conceptual stage.

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Getting Started

In our opinion, the earlier we are involved the better. Involving us in these beginning stages is especially beneficial because we will bring our experienced perspective to the table in terms of the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the design you have in mind. It is our experience that getting on the same page early on can save you a great deal of time, money, and headaches in the end.


If you already own a lot and have had a set of plans drawn up, that’s great! We will price the home for you and get started. If you have not yet chosen your perfect building site and contacted an architect to draw up plans and specifications, we will assist you in that process by putting you in touch with professionals that can help.

Once we have a complete set of plans and specifications, Brady will then present you with pricing. At this time once all parties approve, we will then sign the contract for building your new home!


The next step in the process is to order a geotechnical report of the soil conditions on your specific site in order to engineer the concrete foundation and framing. Once we have the stamped engineered drawings we can start building your home!


Next, Brady will present you with a detailed construction schedule, including milestones of construction, owner walk-through dates tailored to your preferences, and a completion date.


Once construction begins, your preferred level of involvement is also customized to your preferences. Brady will make himself available to you to hear and address your needs and concerns throughout the entire process, every day.


Upon completion of your new home, we will conduct a final walk-through in order to show you how your home operates and to identify any imperfections or needed repairs that will be noted and promptly corrected.

Move in

Your truly new custom home will then be ready for you to move into and begin enjoying! After you have lived in the home for 6 - 7 months we will then come back to correct any issues missed or that have occurred since the final walk-through and moving in!

"My business philosophy is simple! Be enthusiastic, be completely transparent, treat my client's money and homes as if they were my own."

- Brady Colt Johanson


We believe building a custom home can and should be an enjoyable process

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