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Why I Build

For the past several years we have been showcasing “what we do”. The way we build homes, the projects we have completed, and so on. In this video, I tell you “Why” I do it. The quick answer people might jump to is “to make money”. While it is true, that this is a business and career that provides monetary compensation for the work product produced, that doesn’t answer the question. You can make money doing lots of different things, why not go work in a corporate environment doing finance, oil and gas, sales, or technology? We answer that question here, hope you enjoy!

Full Walk Through

This video explores a recently completed home in Boerne, TX. The goal for this project's initial design and architecture was to showcase a different style of home than the standard “Hill Country” design, look, and feel. Don’t get us wrong; we love a well-done hill country home; that is just not what this owner was looking for. One of the main fundamentals we preach during the design and build of our homes is Timelessness. We want you to have a home that never goes out of style, and one of the main ways to achieve this is to look to the past, the way homes were built before the 1940s in America. We take certain aspects of those homes, use their ideas and principles, bring them up to current trends, and then incorporate them into your project. This gives your home that sense that “it just feels right” and looks fantastic.